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Freeze Fat Off - Lose Stubborn Fat With The Latest Fat Freezing Science Freeze Your Fat - Exciting Results In The Privacy Of Your Own Home 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sculpt a new body at home using the latest fat- freezing science behind

The Cool Shapes
Slimming System

Intrigued by the observation that children who habitually sucked on frozen ice-popsicles lost volume in their cheeks, scientists around the world discovered that fat cells are highly sensitive to cold temperatures. Embracing this research Freeze Away Fat developed the Cool Shapes™ slimming system which offers a new and effective, easy, safe and affordable way to lose those stubborn fat deposits.

Cool Shapes™ the science of cold therapy for fat loss

  • At a fraction of the cost of other
    fat loss methods
  • In the privacy of your own home
  • Without expensive, repeat doctor visits

In as little as 5 weeks, Cool Shapes™ wearers have reported seeing results that have them looking and feeling better about their body—and you can too!

"In the 5 weeks since I’ve been wearing my Cool Shape Shorts, I’ve lost 1 inch around each thigh and 3 total inches between my hips and waist area, and an inch in booty! I’m super thrilled and will keep wearing my shorts, but I wanted to tell you thanks and show you and the rest of the word proof that your product works with dedication to wearing them every day."
Kristina SmithSee the before & after pictures>
"This product is great. I noticed I lost some inches around my stomach and thigh area. My advice, go for it and try it every day—persistence is key!"
J. Mitchell

Keep It Cold…

According to George King, MD professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Exposing even small parts of the body to cold activates brown fat which will help you burn more calories. Read the entire article from the Bottom Line October 2014 issue! Read More

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Shapes™ Slimming System
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  • Cool Shapes™ Long-Line Compression Shorts (8 pockets)
  • Four 6" x 9" gel packs
  • Mesh Freezer Storage Case
  • Zippered Travel Case
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Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We are confident you will see exciting results as so many of our customers report. If after having used as directed, you are not totally satisfied with your Cool Shapes™ purchase, simply return the Cool Shapes garment, along with the 4 gel packs to us within 30 days for a full, prompt refund (less shippingand handling).

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