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On Thermogenesis- Burning More Fat with Cold

30 Minute Ice Packs Could be Key to Burning Away Body Fat Say Scientists.

There’s a Type of Fat That Babies Have…

The key to getting white fat to act more like brown fat is cold. Exposing even small parts of the body to cold activates brown fat to burn more calories. From Bottom Line October 1, 2014 article by George King, MD, Harvard Medical School. Read more >>

Latest in Slimming Science Provides Broader Coverage
- FreezingAwayFat in All the Right Places

A science-based slimming method, focused on the effects of cold temperatures applied to unwanted body fat, has become the hottest “treatment” in home-based aesthetic beauty routines. Innovative company Freeze Away Fat is revamping its popular slimming system for a more effective fat-fighting garment. Read full press release >> - January, 2011
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ABCNEWS/Health - October 29, 2010
Feel the Freezer Burn: Losing Weight by Chilling the Body
When popular diet plans failed, Ray Cronise, former NASA scientist (and founder of Zero G Corp.) says he found an extraordinary way to lose weignt by tapping into the laws of thermodynamics—by literally freezing his butt off.
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MSN - Style Goes Strong, September, 2010.
"Inches on Ice"
- another happy Cool Shapes® customer
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MSN - Style Goes Strong, August, 2010.
"Cool Shapes® - Best ways to beat the heat"

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Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2010.
"A New Way to Lose Weight? Scientists see Potential in Calorie Burning Fat in Adults"
by Shirley Wang
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The New York Times, April 8, 2009.
"Calorie-Burning Fat? Studies Say You Have It"
by Gina Kolata
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The New York Times, April 11, 2010.
Editorial: "Cool Way to Lose Weight?"

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"Freeze Your Way Slim"
Based on scientific evidence, an innovative company, FreeezeAwayFat, has created Cool Shapes®
, the first and only product of it's kind that helps you slim down in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Read full press release >>