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– A science-based slimming method, focused on the effects of cold temperatures applied to unwanted body fat, has become the hottest “treatment” in home-based aesthetic beauty routines. Innovative company Freeze Away Fat is revamping its popular slimming system for a more effective fat-fighting garment.

New advanced Cool Shapes® system apply the same method of accelerating calorie-burning brown fat, shrinking white fat cells, with a cooling technique. The latest innovation adds two more strategically placed pockets for cool gel inserts at the inner thigh and ‘muffin top’ areas. Now high-waisted, the comfy compression garment replaces the original Cool Shapes six-pocketed style, still targeting the lower tummy, buttocks, outer thigh and back.

Freeze Away Fat’s Cool Shapes® Long-Line Tummy & Thigh Trimmer is a snug, pain-free and affordable garment that uses the science-based research of cooling fat to slim you down in the comfort of your own home. The cooling method requires only 30 minutes a day and results have been seen in as few as five weeks.

Studies reported in The New England Journal of Medicine suggest that “baby fat”, or as some know it, brown fat, is good for you. According to The Wall Street Journal, researchers have discovered chilling your fat can slim you down. Our bodies are made up of white and brown fat. Brown fat cells are small and highly efficient- while white fat cells are almost 50% larger than brown fat cells and burn fewer calories. The good news is both types of fat cells are uniquely sensitive to cold temperatures. Cold triggers our brown fat to burn more calories. In addition, these studies suggest that cold temperatures can destroy our white fat cells, which make up most of our unwanted bulges.


These scientific discoveries led to the development of Cool Shapes® by Freeze Away Fat. Cool Shapes® are comfortable shorts, with cold-gel packet inserts that, when worn, work to contour your shape, diminish appearance of fat deposits, and help sculpt problem areas.

Cool Shapes® are equipped with reusable gel packs and are made of 83% polyester and 17% lycra, for just the right amount of stretch. Cool Shapes® are sold with four gel packs – additional packs may be ordered. Sizes are available in small, medium, large and extra large. The inserts are kept in the freezer for at least two hours before using. New advanced Cool Shapes® can be purchased at for $99.95.

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Formed by two sisters, Freeze Away Fat, LLC was started by a need to create a convenient and effective solution to achieving a slimmer, more contoured appearance. Jamie Burke, formerly a White House Liaison and National Outreach Officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Lark MacPhail, a talented impressionist artist, are on a mission to help people get rid of problem areas in a very cool and comfortable way.


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