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Cool Sapes Slimming System


Cool Shapes™ Contouring Shorts

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Cool Shapes™ Long-Line
Tummy & Thigh Trimmer


With Eight Large Pockets for More Cool Sculpting


Cool Shapes™ Long-Line Tummy & Thigh Trimmer System using cryolipopysis comes complete with one pair of Cool Shapes™ Long-Line Compression Shorts, four reusable gel packs, a mesh gel pack storage case, and a stylish zippered travel case. The  Shorts are 84% polyester and 16% lycra for added compression and have 8 pockets which can hold 6" x 9" gel packs anywhere you'd like to target and cool sculpt your fatty deposits. ( buttocks, saddle bags, inner thigh, tummy, muffin top and back)

You'll Receive:

One (1) pair of Cool Shapes™ Long-Line Compression Shorts (8 pockets)

Four (4) Cool Shapes™ removable/refreezeable/flexible 6" x 9" gel packs

One (1) Mesh Storage Case to allow gel packs to chill properly in the freezer

One( 1) Cool Shapes™ System Travel Case

Care and Usage instruction

Size Chart

Size 6-8 (Small) 8-10 (Med) 12-14 (Large) 16 (XL)
Waist 26-27 28-30 32-34 36-38
Hips 36-37 38-39 40-42 43-44

Cool Shapes Slimming System

  To have a gel pack inserted into each of the eight pockets, two additional Gel Pack Duo sets can be ordered below.  

  The Cool Shapes™ Long-Line System include four (4) 6x9 gel packs. if you wish to order more gel packs for increased cooling areas, or your gel packs should become damaged, you may purchase additional 6” x 9” gel packs in sets of two (2). Order the additional gel packs below.  

Cool Shapes™

Gel Duo Pack

Two (2) 6" x 9" Gel packs

Gel Duo Pack
$ 23.90
Cool Shapes Insert Pack

Cool Shapes™

Tear-Drop Massager

Attractive, durable Hand Held Body Massager by Freeze Away Fat®
Tear-Drop massage heads give it a spa like look and feel
Wet or dry use
4 inches wide

FreezeAwayFat Case

Cool Shapes™

Mesh Storage Case

Mesh case to conveniently hold gel packs while in your freezer and allow them to freeze properly. Storing gel packs in hard vinyl or plastic bags is not recommended as the gels will not freeze as they should.

FreezeAwayFat Case
$ 12.95
Cool Shapes Insert Pack