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Cool Shapes™ Conturing Shorts

The Science Behind Cool Shapes

Until now surgery was the only way to permanently reduce fat.  Using the Cool Shapes™ Slimming System – not only shrinks fat cells – it kills them so they cannot come back. Cool Shapes™ developed its cool sculpting method for people plagued by stubborn fat in specific areas such as love handles, midriff rolls and excess abdominal fat.

According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, cold temperatures can cause white fat cells to shrink, shrivel and die. This process is known as cryolipopysis. The study also points to cold temperatures revving up our “brown fat.” Brown fat is good fat. It keeps us supple and youthful looking and has increased calorie burning characteristics.

How They Work  

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How They Work

Cool Shapes™ are compression shorts equipped with gel inserts that, when frozen, enable you to apply sustained cool temperatures to those troublesome areas of your body such as love handles, midriff rolls, saddles bags, and excess abdominal fat. This allows the Cool Shapes™ wearer to reduce fat by cooling. These science-based garments are an effective tool allowing you to take advantage of the science of cool sculpting in the comfort of your own home. With a commitment to wearing Cool Shapes™ for just 30 minutes daily, fat cells can be reduced and your clothes will fit better and you’ll feel better about your body!

Ray Cronise a former astronaut talking about weight gain, food intake and exercise and how cold temperatures effect weight or calorie burning.

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Cool Shapes® Contouring Apparel:

  • Produces a level of chilling that could help you activate brown fat that burns more calories
  • Diminishes the appearance of white fat deposits
  • Helps contour problem areas on thighs, hips, buttocks and tummy

How They Work


The science Behind Cool Shapes The Science Behind FreezeAwayFat The Science Behind FreezeAwayFat

For Faster Results Use the Cool Shapes™ Tear-Drop Massager

For faster fat-reducing results use the Cool Shapes™ Tear-Drop Massager after using the Cool Shapes™ System. Massaging the targeted areas of stubborn fat promotes accelerated removal of the fat cells compromised by the cooling process of the Cool Shapes™ System. The Cool Shapes™ Tear-Drop Massager can be used with cellulite cream or lotion.

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